Events in and around Benidorm

Benidorm is a bustling and lively resort and is very popular with tourist from Europe. Benidorm has beautiful sandy beaches and offers lots of possibilities as water sports. In addition to the shopping area , there are numerous entertainment venues, bars, cabarets , clubs , pubs , restaurants and cafes. In Benidorm there are also many Fiestas and Events, so if there is one during your stay it’s an absolute must -see to experience !

The biggest event: Benidorm Fallas!

The “Fallas” are a very important celebration in the Valencian Community, celebrated between the 15th – 19th of March in honour of Saint Jose.  Like the city of Valencia, Benidorm honours San José with the “Fallas” – a festival of nightly street parties and rowdy fireworks. Three giant papier-mâché statues are erected and then ceremoniously burned to the ground on the final evening.

The Fallas commission work all year round raising money to enable them to build the best monument they can afford.  In Benidorm there are usually 3 large Fallas erected accompanied by 3 childrens Fallas, these are known as Central Falla, Rincon Falla and Els Tolls Falla and are constructed by – and placed in – the different districts of Benidorm. The areas try to outdo each other with their huge and elaborate designs and often use the statues to poke fun at local celebrities and politicians.  The highlight of the event is the burning (known as the “crema”) of the Fallas which takes place on the 19th March.  This tradition is quite difficult for some people to understand, as these beautiful statues are simply burnt to the ground, however this is tradition spanning many years as it is believed that the burning drives away bad spirits when the spring arrives.  At first old furniture was burnt then in later years the celebration changed to the more popular and commonly know “Fallas”.

The fallas commissions work tirelessly throughout the year to raise funds and construct the most beautiful monuments they can and improve on the previous years “Fallas”.  This is an event not to be missed.

The Elvis Festival

Spain´s biggest event dedicated to the “king of Rock & Roll” returns every year and is a 3 day celebration in the Spanish sunshine!


Thousands of fruit-flingers invade the tiny village of Buñol in the Comunidad Valenciana for an almighty tomato fight. La Tomatina is the opportunity of a lifetime – let battle commence!. The population of the village quadruples overnight and by 11am the 30,000-strong army has been prepared for action by copious soakings.

Benidorm Gay Pride

2011 saw the first gay pride event to be hosted in Benidorm and mark it´s place as an all year gay friendly resort. The streets are transformed for the entire event with floral decorations, lively musicians, open-air theatre and parades.

Moors & Christians Benidorm

The Moors and Christians Festival is one of the major celebrations on the Costa Blanca, a mixture of religion, history and street carnival. Battle re-enactments take place throughout different city districts at various times of the year..