The nightlife of Benidorm offers something for everyone! There are many nightclubs , smaller clubs, pubs with live music, comedy shows, pubs, cabarets and especially dozens of pubs where you can enjoy a lot of free performances of many entertainers.

Famous show pubs and cabarets in Benidorm are: Pancho’s Pub, Rockerfellas, Sinatras Jail Rock, Tommy’s, Buddies and Malibu. Famous pubs with live music are: Daytona Rock Bar and the Irish pub as Scruffy Murphys and The Shamrock.

Normally, all the shows starts at 20:00 p.m. with mostly entertainment for children. Around 21-22 p.m. different shows starts with hypnotists, magicians and impersonators. Around midnight the adult entertainment will start. The shows are often of high quality.

The nightlife in Benidorm is generally quite cheap. Besides the many entertainment options like bingo palaces, you can also find casinos and arcades.

Eat and drink together, eat tapas or take a walk on the beautiful boulevard.