Old town

The old centre of Benidorm is very charming. The old church at the top of the cliffs, narrow corridors with their whitewashed houses that beautiful cast iron balconies adorn the castle square with its bright blue and white colors …

The old centre is still the old fishing village before it became a tourist resort. The influences of that time are still visible and gives a cozy atmosphere in the streets.

The ‘old’ center of Benidorm is just between the two most famous Levante and Poniente beaches. The focus point in the old centre is “Castillo” and “Punta Candalfi ‘; a beautiful white marble balustrade with a nice view over the sea. Here are  streets lined with white houses that are typical of the old Spanish fishing villages.

In the old town are several artists who make the evening street beautiful and works such as portraits and caricatures. Every evening there is a pleasant bustle.

In addition to the shopping area, there are numerous entertainment venues, bars, cabarets, clubs, pubs, restaurants and cafes. An absolute must-see to experience if your stay in Benidorm!

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