Rental bicycles, scooters, cars and more…

Although the beaches are lovely, Benidorm is more than worth it to discovering the city and surrounding area.

Explore by car:

We have been working with a rental car company which offers us excellent service for over 10 years.

The car will be delivered at Gemelos 22 and also picked up again.

The ladies at the reception arranges the rental car for you and would be glad to help you with advise which type of car and the payment. The parking at Gemelos 22 is for free.


Bike rental and motorbikes:

Benidorm is a perfect destination to rent a bike and discover the city and the beach area. Since years we work with Marco Polo. You can rent various types of bicycles. Including: city bikes, mountain bikes but also electric bikes.

Since Benidorm has beautiful paths it’s easy for you to bike from one to another beach. In the immediate vicinity of Benidorm roads remain flat, but if you want further inland than you should consider challenging inclines and declines.


Hire of mobility scooters, rollators, wheelchairs:

It’s also possible to rent scooters in Benidorm which we can offer in all types and sizes. For the people who have problems to walk we can offer mobility walkers and wheelchairs. It’s not necessary to bring this from home.

The rental period can be discussed per day, per week or per month. The longer the rental period, the cheaper the rent will be.

We have been working with a company specializing in the rental of electrical scooters, wheelchairs and mobility walkers. If you have specified this in advance when you booked the holiday, it will be ready for you, once you arrive.

Otherwise we would like to help and book this for you once you are at Gemelos 22.

“We are happy to assist you in booking a rental car, bicycle, scooter and / or other tools. Come along with us at the reception of Gemelos 22 and ask for the possibilities for rental. We can arrange a rental car in about an hour, bicycle, scooter or other tool for your books and have them delivered.
“See you in Gemelos 22 in Benidorm, Spain!”