Taxi & Bus

There are two companies that provide bus services from Benidorm: ALSA and Llorente.

Llorente mostly operates bus routes in Benidorm, while ALSA provides more rides outside Benidorm, although the two companies often
overlap with boarding places.

In the city buses you can only buy a few trips and you can only pay with coins. However, it is possible to buy a 10 or 20-ride ticket. You can keep upgrading the bus  and it is cheaper than a single ticket.

You can take the bus from anywhere in Benidorm to go to familiar places like La Marina, one of the theme parks or the towns such as Villajoyosa, Altea and Calpe.

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The taxi fares in Benidorm is well organized. Please be careful and only take the official taxi. These taxis are easily recognized by the blue stripe and a light bar on the roof. In the taxi you should see a permit.

By taxi and bus you can easily visit nice markets and quaint shopping malls.