Terra Natura

Terra Natura is more than just a zoo. The park has an area of 320.000 square meters and more than 1500 animals. The park is divided into four areas: Pangea, America, Asia and Europe.

The park is finished in details  and the stay of the animals are designed: you’ll always have a beautiful sight. After spending some hours in Terra Natura you can take a swim in the Aqua Natura with a wave pool and several slides.

Note: You have to pay extra to visit this part of the park.

“Enjoy and have fun with the family in Terra Natura. To avoid long queues we advise to come to the reception of Gemelos 22 to purchase the tickets in advance, often with attractive discounts! We tell you about all the possibilities in Terra Natura and also about the other theme. See you in Gemelos 22 in Benidorm, Spain! “