Fuentes del Algar, close to Benidorm!

Fuentes del Algar is known for the beautiful Algar waterfalls. You can find the waterfalls just 15 kilometers from Benidorm.

They have become very popular in recent years and have developed into a tourist magnet. Once you have succesfully parked, follow the other tourists to either of the two entrances. After paying you can explore the waterfalls and pools at your leisure as they are open from morning until dusk. Walk along beside the river and take a refreshing dip in the waterhole with crystal clear water (on your own risk), enjoy a picnic of find a quiet spot to sit under the pine trees. This waterhole is known as the “source of health ” so it can not hurt to swim a bit! The old dam, the impressive canals and ditches are still in use.
The Spanish government have protected the waterfalls, so it remains beautiful and stay in real and original state.

Further up the hill there is a botanical garden with over 500 different species of cactus and some Dinosaur statues. There are also a lot of restaurants along the road leading to the waterfalls, so take your pick! It’s easily accessible by bus from Benidorm. However, the interconnection between the smaller villages is irregular. If you want to visit one of this villages we recemommend to rent a car.

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'Fuentes del Algar

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